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About Black Sisters Midwifery

​Black Sisters Midwifery Service, PLLC is owned and operated by Christina Jemine, a Certified Professional Midwife and Licensed Midwife in the state of Florida. She has been serving in the field of Maternal-Child Health for over 10 years and has been caring for mothers and babies all her life. Christina is a mother to a beautiful daughter whose presence has totally transformed her life for the better. Before becoming a midwife, Christina worked as a Mother-Baby and Pediatric nurse for 6 years at Kings County Hospital Center in Brooklyn, NY (her hometown). There she taught families everything from breastfeeding to car seat safety. Christina is a graduate from The Florida School of Traditional Midwifery in Gainesville, Florida; a 3-Year Direct Entry Midwifery Program. 


Christina is passionate about centering and servicing Black families where the disparities are grave. Everyday Black mothers and babies are dying in childbirth from complications that are preventable and where the ratio of Black midwives and birthworkers in the U.S. are few. Christina knows that when we empower our women we empower our world. In a need to train her own birth assistant, she created the Black Sisters Birth Assistant Workshop thinking it was a one time event but soon she quickly realized the necessity for such a training was so vastly needed across the country. Christina saw there was a true need for healing, transformation and restoration within our communities in which we the people have all the power to do this for ourselves. To meet the demand for more trainings, she found it imperative to turn the workshop into an academy to meet the need of such a calling.


Christina is now the the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Black Sisters Birth Academy, BSBA, formerly known as Black Sisters Birth Assistant Workshop. Black Sisters Birth Academy trains black women in becoming birth assistants (also known as a midwife's assistant) in an environment that is warm, fun and exciting with intentional space created for our collective healing, transformation and restoration as women. Our aim to create more Black birthworkers will be felt for generations to come through the lives of the families we touch with our presence, knowledge and support. Together we have the POWER to change our world one birth at a time.

Black Sisters Birth Academy

Meet The Team

Christina Jemine

Founder and CEO of Black Sisters Birth Academy

Brenda Francis

CPR Instructor & Mentor

Jamila Kiwasi Bacchus

Administrative Assistant

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change their world.

Our Mission

Training Black women in becoming birth assistants in an environment that is warm, fun and exciting with intentional space created for our collective healing, transformation and restoration as women.

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Our Vision

Increasing the amount of Black birth workers nationwide to promote safer births for Black families.

Our Motto

BIRTH. It's what we DO.

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Empower Our Women And Our World.