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Meet The Team

Christina Jemine, CPM, LM
Founder & CEO of
Black Sisters Birth Academy l Birth Assistant Instructor

​Christina Jemine is a mother, midwife, motivational speaker, teacher and a children's book author. Before becoming a midwife and starting her practice at Black Sisters Midwifery Services, Christina served in the field of maternal-child health for over 10 years and has worked as a Mother-Baby and Pediatric nurse for 6 years at Kings County Hospital Center in Brooklyn, NY (her hometown). Christina loves teaching and gets great joy from sharing her gift of learning with others. She is a graduate from The Florida School of Traditional Midwifery in Gainesville, Florida; a 3-Year Direct Entry Midwifery Program. 


Christina is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Black Sisters Birth Academy formerly known as Black Sisters Birth Assistant Workshop; a course designed to train black women in becoming birth assistants also known as a midwife's assistant. Her aim through these empowering trainings is to have our families well-supported, healthy and thriving, by increasing the amount of black birth workers who are richly-rooted within our communities' well-being.

Brenda Francis, LPN, LM, CPM
CPR Instructor & Mentor

Brenda Francis, LPN, LM, CPM, is a seasoned medical professional with over 20 years working in the medical field including Birth Work. She has become a strong advocate and educator for pregnant women throughout New Jersey and Florida.


Her focus is on the natural attribute of childbearing, delivery and recovery, aiming to educate women on their options for natural methods to bring forth life. She is on a quest to change the narrative within the African American community to bring awareness and combat the alarming mortality rate of women and children of color.

Jamila Kiwasi Bacchus, MPH
Administrative Assistant

Jamila Kiwasi Bacchus is a Public Health Advocate contributing 13 years and counting public servant leadership roles in assessing, creating, educating, organizing, and mobilizing system changes In population health. She is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Black Birthworkers Rock LLC, a national/international social club movement for black birthworkers. Kiwasi obtained a Bachelor's in Human Services, a Masters in Public Health.


Throughout her 17 years as a childbirth educator and birth doula, she has witnessed and serviced the many roles birthworkers maneuver throughout life while supporting birthing families. During her journey, a question ignited her new mission, she now serves. Who Supports Black Birthworkers? Kiwasi is changing the narrative of Black-Owned Birth Businesses. No longer practicing in doula support services, she offers professional development, birthworker mentorship sessions and career consultation services to birth professionals on starting a birth business and branding their birth business on a grassroots and virtual platform.

Shelley Parris, CNHP, CPNHS
Holistic Practitioner & WellBEING Activitist

Shelley Parris, Holistic Practitioner & wellBEING Activist is the Creatress of The Womb Sanctuary, a soulcentered practice that blends Holistic Health, Life Coaching, Mind Mastery and Energy Medicine; Shelley integrates a harmonic system of breathing techniques, revitalizing postures and creative visualization coupled with sound, color and spatial therapy. While working with Shelley, you will discover the resonance in your life, putting you in alignment with vitality, abundance and fulfillment. Her method inspires you to follow your passion cultivating restorative connections to yourself and others, which promote emotional wellbeing and the creative boldness required to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. She is also a published author and gifted speaker, inviting women to explore the Infinite Possibilities in their lives. Women learn to lead more empowered lives as they are equipped with Sacred Tools and Techniques focused on: selfCare, Womb Wellness, Emotional well-BEING, Healing Trauma and Transformation.

Shelley offers these Sacred Femcare tools and techniques to invoke the creative powers of the womb, awakening women to the Infinite Possibilities in their lives. Practicing Sacred selfCare, women learn to refill their cup and serve from their overflow. They begin to SHOW UP boldly and unapologetically, the greatest and highest version of Self. Finding the courage to live their authentic truth, women rediscover their G-Spot (Godspot) allowing them to taste the full sweetness of their lives and the Power of Being Present. They transition from living out carefully rehearsed Pain Stories to fashioning Power Stories worthy of all the best their GOD-sized dreams have to offer!

Annah Brown
Vegan Chef at Eats with the Empress

Annah Brown is a vegan chef at Eats with the Empress based out of Brooklyn, New York. She is a National Certified Food Manager and Certified Food Handler. She is a student, double majoring in Culinary Arts, Psychology and a minor in Business. Annah is walking in the purpose God designed for her and called her too. She loves creating in her kitchen and sharing that love to you on every plate!