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What Is A Birth Assistant?


What is a Birth Assistant?

A birth assistant (also known as a midwife's assistant) is a trained professional who provides assistance to a licensed midwife with births in out-of-hospital settings (home &/ birth center settings). Resource videos provided on the bottom of this page on: How Midwifery Works & Choosing A Homebirth.


What certification(s) will i receive FROM this COURSE?

Within this course students will receive 3 Certifications: 

1.) Birth Assistant Certification from Black Sisters Birth Academy, 2.) CPR Certification and  3.) NRP Certification


Can I start working as a birth assistant after this COURSE?

After you have received your certification with us you may seek gainful employment as a birth assistant. Please noted that each midwife or institution such as a birth center determines what their requirements are prior to hiring. Please check for your state's requirements. 

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